Susannah Todd
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"Words of love" by Susannah Todd

You can hear an extract from each poem
by clicking on the individual play buttons.

 1. Hope  10. Reflecting in 44°
 2. My all-weather friend  11. Brothers lie sleeping
 3. Prayer for small miracles  12. Now that you‟ve gone
 4. Tenderness  13. Pearls falling like doodlebugs
 5. Green fantasy  14. I saw you a-coming
 6. Visiting the pond  15. Oh beloved one!
 7. The swell  16. Slumber cometh
 8. Temperate waters  17. Coming home
 9. Nature unfolds or The relay race  

My first collection, entitled “Words of love”, is currently being distributed by Chaplains of the Royal Army to troops who may be suffering from grief or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Plans to sell the CD/downloads of “Words of love” on (with a percentage of CD sales going to Help for Heroes) are underway. To pre-order a copy, please email me on

Thank you for your support.